Sustainability Project


The Hotel Porta do Sol, taking into account present and future generations, integrates into its unit a sustainable hotel project. This sustainability project has total respect and concern for the society and the environment; aiming at a continuous improvement through ethical practices and principles, such as:

  • Implementation of a special energy plan (3 different rates according to the time of day);
  • Implementation of flow restrictors in taps;
  • Professional development and personal fulfilment of all employees of the company (training);
  • High thermal insulation of the building;
  • Choice of environmentally friendly and biodegradable products;
  • Adequate structure for guests with disabilities (accesses on and off the premises and in the parking spaces);
  • Waste management with licensed companies that collect and recycle materials such as glass, plastic, cardboard, oils, etc.
  • Waste management, such as glass, toners, paper, corks, food oils and organic waste;
  • Implementation of a maintenance plan with routines, to check the efficiency of all equipment;
  • Encouraging safety and health at work, in all activities;
  • Encouraging guests to save water resources by reusing towels during their stay;
  • Menus carefully design to attend to dietary restrictions, offering options for people with special dietary needs: vegetarians, vegans, lactose or gluten intolerant, among others.
  • Support of the local economy with the sale of handicrafts;
  • Promotion of low-impact mobility with bicycles, which our guests can use to travel, since they are also available in nearby areas;
  • Renewal of the hotel unit, allowing to reduce the impact in constructive terms, and choosing solutions that promote energy efficiency and the reduction of the ecological footprint;
  • Automatic energy control system in the rooms, through key-cards;
  • External and internal lighting system automated and regulated according to availability of natural light;
  • Use of energy-efficient lighting (LED);
  • Use of solar panels